Friday, February 15, 2019

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New Duck River Baptist Association News
November - December 2018
Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year! Whatever season or month, I challenge you to be on mission for the Father: planting seeds, harvesting and making reproducing disciples.
Speaking of making disciples, it is NOT an option in the Great Commission of Jesus. Making Reproducing Disciples must be our priority for healthy, growing churches to be on mission. It is not too late to make disciples of children through the Bible Drills; students with Fuel2 or Gospel Project; by starting a small affinity group in the church, homes, communities, work. I’d be happy to train, assist and resource you for effective disciple-making. Just do it! Remember: Disciple-making isn’t disciple-making until the disciples disciple.
Winter is not a time of rest from being on mission. Many opportunities await participation, either as a tradition or a new project. Many churches participate in Fall Outreach, Revivals, Block Parties, Football 5th quarters, Thanksgiving Projects, Christmas projects (Shoe Boxes, musicals, special events), IMB Lottie Moon Week of Prayer events and more. Be on mission in season and out.
The 2017-2018 Associational year is in the books. Let us celebrate the year! Now, let’s look forward to Networking together for the Kingdom’s work. I look forward to hearing what the Father is doing in, near, around and with you. I am blessed to be your DOM during these days! Looking forward to be NEAR you Networking, Equipping, Assisting and Resourcing for Kingdom effectiveness! Go- Make Disciples!
In Him,
Tennessee Baptist Summit 2018 at West Jackson Baptist Church, Jackson, TN - Sunday Night Worship at 6:00pm. The Pastor’s Conference begins at 1:00pm on Monday and the Tennessee Baptist Convention is in session Tuesday beginning at 8:15am and ends on Wednesday at 12:30pm. Stay over and play golf with on Thursday 8:00am-1:00pm. For more information visit:
New Duck River Baptist Association Mission Vision Trip to Copper Basin Crisis Center, Ducktown to look at the possibilities for missions in the Appalachias. Three of our churches participate each summer and I hear great work is done and opportunities to reach the people in that area – only 3 hours from here. Call me if interested in going.
Christmas Banquet – Monday, Dec 3rd 6pm. The location will be announced in the Pastor’s Card mailed mid-November.