Monday, November 12, 2018

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New Duck River Baptist Association News
September - October 2018
Fall is here and Summer is quickly ending or at least according to the calendar – it is still way too hot for me!  Before you know it Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year will be here. Whatever season or month, I challenge you to be on mission for the Father: planting seeds, harvesting and making reproducing disciples.
Speaking of making disciples, this ought to be, no it must be a priority of each church and individual called to follow Him. Making disciples isn’t an option in the Great Commission’s Command. The Fall Discipleship Showcase will be on Tuesday evening, September 11, at 6:30pm at the office. Come see and be challenged to make disciples who make disciples. Disciple-making isn’t disciple-making until the disciples disciple.
Two meetings of the Executive Board in September to consider Constitution & Bylaw changes and the Annual Meeting to vote to approve changes are of importance. I want to highly encourage you to be present for the discussions and votes. There are changes that need to be made to bring our documents in-line with practices. The Executive Board in September is at Midland Heights and the Annual Meeting is at Smyrna, Chapel Hill.
I look forward to hearing what the Father is doing in, near, around and with you. I am blessed to be your DOM during these days! Looking forward to be NEAR you Networking, Equipping, Assisting and Resourcing for Kingdom effectiveness! Go- Make Disciples!
In Him,
Fall Discipleship Showcase – September 11, 6:30pm till 8:00pm at the Baptist Center in Shelbyville. Sample materials will be presented for making reproducing disciples from children to adults. Remember: Disciple-making isn’t disciple-making until disciples disciple!
New Duck River Baptist Executive Board Meeting: Midland Heights Baptist Church, Shelbyville, Monday, September 24, 2018, 6:00pm Meal / 6:45pm Business/Worship. VERY IMPORTANT: We will be discussing and voting on Constitution & Bylaw Changes at this meeting. Bring guests and invite absentee pastors!
Disaster Relief Training coming to the New Duck River Baptis Association at Fair Haven Baptist Church Saturday, October 6 – 7:30am till noon for Intro to DR; Chainsaw; & Mudout classes. Call Paula at 931-680-9803 or email her at: to pre-register.
Upcoming Calendar for the NDRBA, TBMB and SBC
September 2018: Aug 22 - Sept 1 - Tennessee Walking Horse Celebration Event
     3     -     LABOR DAY
     10   -     Pastor's Meeting, Shoney's Lewisburg - 11:00am
     11   -     Fall Discipleship Showcase 2018 - 6:30pm
     18   -     Audit Committee Meeting – 5:30pm, Baptist Center Office
     24   -     Executive Board, Midland Heights Baptist Church, Shelbyville - 6:00pm
October 2018: Southern Baptist Convention Cooperative Program Month
       6   -     Disaster Relief Training, Fair Haven Baptist Church, 7:30am - noon
       7   -     Prayer for Spiritual Awakening and Personal Evangelism Sunday, SBC
       8   -     Pastor's Meeting, Baptist Center - 11:00am
     12   -     Annual Church Profiles (ACPs) Due for Annual Meeting
     22   -     73rd Annual Meeting, Smyrna Baptist Church, Chapel Hill
                                Dr. David Leavell, Keynote Speaker
                                5:30pm First Session – TBMB & SBC Entity Reports
                                6:15pm Fellowship Meal
                                7:00pm Second Session – Business and Worship
November 2018:       
   12   -     Pastor's Conference, West Jackson Baptist Church, Jackson, TN
12-14  -     Tennessee Baptist Summit, West Jackson Baptist Church, Jackson, TN
December 2018: Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and Week of Prayer for International Missions
2 – 9  -  Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and Week of Prayer for International Missions
    3    -  Pastor/Staff/Wife Christmas Fellowship, TBA
WINTER 2018 – Possible Mission in Puerto Rico – pray for your involvement